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Mozzagrogna is a Comune with 2.237 inhabitants in the Province of Chieti, in Abruzzo. The village, on a green hill that overlooks the Sangro Valley, has two centers: Mozzagrogna and Villa Romagnoli. The rest of the inhabitants live in the surrounding countrysides, where are cultivated vineyards and olive oil trees. There are also some little oaks.

The church of San Rocco: it seems it was built in the Middle Age. The church of Maria Santissima della Vittoria: its construction started in 1855, then works stopped and start again in 1889; after few years the church was finished. Septe Castle: the original fortress is dated IX-X century, it was only a ruin but it has been recently rebuilt. Historical sources talk about this Castle: in the 1000 the counts of Chieti were usual to stay in the "Septe Castle", close to the Sangro river and San Giovanni in Venere abbey.

The Castle was for sure an important place, because into it there were the residence of the Master and his servitude but even warehouses, an arms factory and four churches devoted to God, San Nicola, Sant'Angelo and San Pastore. At the moment, the Castle hosts a restaurant, here are a few of the ancient ruins, only some parts of the walls. The Villa Marcantonio, built in the early '900 in a Neo-Accademic and Liberty syle, probably on a project of the architect Gino Coppedè. Rests of a "tratturo" in Villa Romagnoli.

Festivities and Festivals/h2>

» January, the 20th: procession of San Sebastiano and selling of the typical crispelle, sweets made with potatoes.

» Aprile: the statue of the Madonna, that is in the square of Contrada Lucianetti, is moved by the Priest to a family that hosts it. The statue, at turn, is moved to the families that ask for it, just for one day each.

» Holy Friday: procession.

» Second half of July: festival of the prosciutto in Villa Romagnoli

» 15/16 of August: feast of the Saint Patron San Rocco, in Mozzagrogna.

» Second half of August: Festival of the sagne and chickpea at "Lu Vallone", at the Fonte della Noce.

» End of August: Festival of the typical sweets in Villa Romagnoli.

» 8 of December: procession of the Statue of the Madonna. Along the way, on the balconies of the houses are exhibited white embroided bed linens.

Someone covers the road with flower petals. Back to the square, before the Mass, the statue is exhibited at the entrance of the Church, pointed towards the square to look at the fireworks in her honour. In the surrounding fields are turned on bonfires.

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